About the SICC Members Directory

SICC Members Directory is an important business resource guide that is published annually. This publication is distributed to members as part of their membership benefits package. The directory lists contact details of all members including a short profile of the company. Members have found this publication useful for business networking and identifying new opportunities.

About SICC

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) was founded in Singapore in 1837. It is a wholly independent, non-profit business association.
SICC began by standing up for Singapore as a business hub and for its members’ business interests. This is still its mission today. SICC achieves its mission by understanding its members’ business concerns. It advocates these to the government with the aims of achieving greater mutual understanding and practical solutions. This win-win approach benefits policymakers and the businesses which sustain Singapore’s economy. SICC members include global corporations, large local companies as well as SMEs from 20 industries. The Chamber also works to facilitate international trade via its Certification Services.