About the SICC Members Directory

SICC Members Directory is an important business resource guide that is published annually. This publication is distributed to members as part of their membership benefits package. The directory lists contact details of all members including a short profile of the company. Members have found this publication useful for business networking and identifying new opportunities.

About SICC

Founded in Singapore in 1837, SICC’s purpose was and still is to help businesses and Singapore succeed. Its diverse members form an inclusive, silo-free, ecosystem with an edge where members connect, collaborate, engage, learn, share and succeed. 50% of Chamber members are Singaporean owned businesses and 50% foreign owned. Half are large organizations including multinationals and half are medium, small and start-up companies from all sectors of the economy. 
The SICC ecosystem champions anti-ageism in the workforce and in society for commercial and societal success. The Chamber also champions positive workplace culture where employers and employees co-create and sustain workplaces where foreign and local talent are integrated, developed and enabled to excel to achieve personal and commercial success. 
SICC’s annual business awards celebrate collaborative innovation because that is the fastest way to innovate and succeed. Last, but not least, SICC advocates for the transitioning of businesses and society to circular models of production and consumption to achieve true sustainability for our planet and species in a circular economy.